San Marcos Seeks Input On Sidewalk Maintenance & Gap Plan

The City of San Marcos Public Services Department will host a public meeting at the San Marcos Activity Center, 501 E. Hopkins St., on Monday, Jan. 27, at 6 PM to seek input to update the City’s Five-Year Sidewalk Maintenance and Gap Infill Plan. 

Community residents, businesses and organizations are invited to share their ideas for future improvements to make sidewalks more accessible, connected and safe for everyone.

The Five-Year Sidewalk Maintenance and Gap Infill Plan aims to maintain and install sidewalks in areas without pedestrian facilities. The program installs sidewalks where no right-of-way acquisition or major engineering design is required.

New sidewalks and gap infill are constructed to meet or exceed the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards while creating a better-connected pedestrian network across the city. 

For additional information, contact the City of San Marcos Public Services-Transportation Department at 512.393.8036 or email

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One Comment

  1. So lissen up Melissa,

    Re: two signs located at Commissioner’s Courthouse, intersection Guadalupe and San Antonio, as assert tow-away parking privileges (two spaces on city streets) allegedly held by the Greater San Marcos Partnership “GSMP”.

    So I went into Ruben’s office yesterday, presented a written request for this authority which, according to GSMP employees, was granted to them “by the county”.

    Les madame Anita Collins looked dolefully at the request and then contemptuously at me, and said, “Give this to Debra, over at general counsel’s office.” Yes madame.

    WUT? Last week your chief of staff, Alex, told me that “The County owns all the parking property surrounding our courthouse”. He said, “The County Order granting permission to GSMP is on the books. It’s there someplace.”


    Oh, hey, here’s some good news. The County Commissioners court today voted to place Madame Anita Collins on the Main Street Advisory Committee.

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