Texas State Set Record For Master’s Degree Enrollment For Fall 2020

SAN MARCOS – Texas State University has announced a record-setting master’s graduate degree enrollment of 1,374 for the 2020 fall semester, a 24.3% increase over the previous year.

Four new graduate degree programs contributed to the increase. For the first time, applications for masters’ level programs topped 4,000 at Texas State. All graduate enrollment increased by 8.2% from fall 2019 to 4,332 students.

Overall, Texas State reported a total enrollment of 37,849 students for fall 2020, which was a 0.99% decrease from last fall.

The makeup of the student body continues to closely mirror that of the Texas population. Data from the 2010 Texas census reports the state’s ethnic makeup as 38% Hispanic, 11% African-American, and 4% Asian.

Texas State’s 2020 student body is comprised of 38.7% Hispanic, 11.1% African-American, and 2.7% Asian.

When all demographics are combined, ethnic minorities comprise approximately 54.9% of the student population.

“Texas State prepared for the fall semester focused on keeping our university community safe and our students advancing toward their academic goals.  I am very proud of our faculty and staff for rising to the occasion to ensure the continuity of our education and research mission,” said Texas State University President Denise M. Trauth. “We have seen an increase in applications, admission, and enrollment of new master’s students who earned their undergraduate degree at Texas State in the prior summer and spring semesters. These Bobcats are returning because they know the quality experience and education they will receive.

“Public universities have an obligation and expectation to serve the needs of Texas citizens. I believe Texas State is exceeding that expectation,” she said. “Thanks to the work of many, we are safely maintaining the personal engagement and instruction that our new and returning students know as a hallmark of Texas State.” 

The incoming freshman class of 5,855 is the fourth largest in Texas State’s history. Additionally, the first-year retention rate for the 2019 freshman class increased to 76.9% over the 75.7% of the previous year’s class. 

Enrollment at Texas State’s Round Rock Campus is 1,502 students.

The College of Science and Engineering continued to be Texas State’s largest college, reporting an enrollment of 6,654 students, followed by the College of Liberal Arts with 6,068 students and the College of Education with 5,056.

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  1. Unfortunately, on the same day, the Wall Street Journal came out with its list of college rankings. TXST ranked 28/34 Texas schools.

    Now to be fair, it is ranked higher on other sites and it is unlikely the WSJ did much digging beyond the first hundred or so. Also, some odd alphabetic sort algorithm (TSU call-letters?) could be at play here. So a ranking between 501-600th nationally is best described as “squishy.”

    But for TXST to be so large yet ranked so low… OUCH! Must be that party school rep and being ranked near the bottom in other polls for “study time required.”

    1. “Now to be fair” Mr. Holeman, when you speak of our President Trauth remember that she is not only your local academic leader but our light our values and our identity. As to your sources it is unlikely that you did much digging beyond the Wall Street Journal for purposes of attacking a school whose Bobcats are returning because they know the quality experience and education they will receive. (Eat ‘Em Up Cats – Biden 2020)

    2. It’s ranked this low because they have an 80 percent acceptance rate. They have a lot of students and buildings but it’s just a facade; the education and instructors are sub-par and everyone her knows it.

  2. Denise Trauth may be president of TXST. But she has been there for 18 years. Leaders don’t normally last that long. According to a Harvard Law School study, she has more than tripled the median tenure of a Large Cap company CEO. And, thanks to technology/innovation, the speed of turnover is increasing. The same trend is likely happening in academia.

    She is a dinosaur. She is beyond out of ideas. So… SURVEY’S! SURVEY. Would you like to take a survey?


    1. We love her for having divided us racially and emotionally in terms of those who will we spare and those not worthy. get ready for the election aftermath YT

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