The City of Wimberley Parks and Recreation Department awarded Recreational Trails Grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife

The $273,900 grant will complete the Regional Hike and Bike Trail Improvement Project

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Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberley is a 126-acre park offering recreational amenities including Wimberley’s famous natural swimming area, sports fields, picnic areas and 4 miles of hiking trails all open and free to the public year-round.

As part of the Wimberley Parks and Recreation maintenance commitment, all public parks, trails, facilities, and open spaces including the Hike and Bike Trail at Blue Hole Regional Park will be maintained with the utmost regard to safety and quality. The original construction of the trail failed to properly grade slopes greater than 4%. That combined with decomposed granite laid on top of weed barrier cloth, causes severe washout during heavier rain events. 

A solution to this issue is crucial – so the department devised the Regional Hike and Bike Trail Improvement Project. The project includes renovation and resurfacing of the existing one mile of multi-use trail going through Blue Hole Regional Park with an ADA accessible improved-surface trail. This section is roughly a third of a greater 3+ mile long hike and bike trail with the other two thirds of trail owned by Hays County. 

A substantial benefit of this project is to provide a sustainable trail with as minimal maintenance upkeep as possible. It will save the city money on new trail material, as well as maintenance staff and volunteers countless hours of time that can be spent in other areas of the City’s diverse park system.

The environmental benefits of this project are also to be noted. Decomposed granite is more susceptible to trail washout than other materials. The granite that washes off this trail travels to places where it cannot be recollected like densely wooded areas, creek beds, and other sensitive environmental areas.

This project will greatly reduce the amount of sediment and unnatural material in the environment as well as improve quality of experience for trail users. Completing this project will ensure that the trail stays ADA accessible and that users will be encountering a safe-to-traverse trail. 

Lastly, this trail is set to become an integral portion of the Wimberley Valley Trail Initiative. This project is a collaboration between the City of Wimberley, City of Woodcreek, Hays County, the Wimberley Independent School District, the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, and many others.

The purpose of this project is to develop miles of trails throughout the Wimberley Valley connecting key points of interest including Blue Hole and other Wimberley parks, the downtown square, WISD, Jacobs Well, and more. Hays County was recently awarded over $970,000 in grant funding from the Texas Transportation Commission.

These funds will be used to construct sidewalks connecting Wimberley High School, Danforth Junior High School, Wimberley Market Days, and the Wimberley Village Library along RM 2325. The project will improve pedestrian and student safety, increase connectivity, and help close gaps in the sidewalk network.

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