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City Of San Marcos Seeking Nominations For SMart Award

The City of San Marcos is seeking nominations for the SMart Award, a recognition program honoring artists, arts and cultural organizations, community members and businesses, students and friends of the City who have contributed substantially to the cultural and artistic life of the community.

The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize outstanding support and enhancement of the arts and cultural life of San Marcos; to recognize the important contributions of artists and arts organizations to the quality of life and economic vitality of the community; and to encourage volunteerism and business participation with local arts organizations.

Past recipients include: San Marcos Performing Arts Association, Carlos “Chitah Daniels Kennedy” Molina, The Price Center, Kevin Huffaker, Heart of Texas Chorus, La Sociedad Cuauhtemoc, Kaitlyn Hopkins, Kathryn Welch, Tracy Weinberg and Joan Nagel, Johnnie Armstead, Terri Hendrix, Lee Colee, Christopher Hansen, Rice Harrington, Dr. Arlis Hiebert, Linda Kelsey-Jones, Ophelia Vasquez-Philo, Kent Finlay, Kyle Mylius, Jerry Touchstone Kimmel, Ron and Marie Jaeger, Deanna Badgett, and Billi London-Gray.

Criteria for selection include: A) providing an art form for public enjoyment and/or participation; B) expanding opportunities for artists to create, show, and perform their work; C) strengthening the role of the arts, encouraging learning in the arts, and promoting continuing arts education programs; D) broadening public awareness of the availability, excellence, and diversity of the arts in the community; and E) any achievement that has contributed to the development of community participation in and awareness of the arts in San Marcos.

Nomination forms and submission guidelines are available online at sanmarcostx.gov/smart award. The deadline for nominations is Friday, Aug. 16 at 5 p.m. For more information, contact Arts Coordinator Trey Hatt at ghatt@sanmarcostx.gov.

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One Comment

  1. Re: Suggestion For Endowment of the San Marcos “Art Award” (SMART)

    Create an account into which three categories of persons may contribute, namely

    1. Those who will pay money in return for being nominated as an “artist”

    2. Those who will pay money above at 1, under assurances of confidentiality.

    3. Those who will pay money to find out how much has been paid, and by who.

    I would also like to remind everyone that among our peer group of creative persons in San Marcos there is no shortage of good will among fellow artists whose role in life here does also embrace that of a critic/protector of artistic values which may only be determined by means of the above suggested merit-based process!

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