An Alumni’s Dream, The State Of San Marcos And More This Week With GJCC

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 to 24 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training.

The Job Corps program is authorized by Title I-C of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (supersedes WIA 1998). For more information about the Job Corps program at a national level, please visit their Official Public Web Site.

State of San Marcos

Gary Job Corps Center representative, Rachel Garnes attended the State of San Marcos where the San Marcos Mayor, County Judge, and San Marcos Superintendent spoke about recent positive changes in our community, what the city is currently working on, and what we will be seeing in the future.

Some of the highlights were being voted one of the top 20 places to retire, every high school student being given a laptop, and the new county jail being built.

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra, Rachel Garnes, GJCC Community Liason, and Alex Villalobos, Hays County Chief of Staff

Principal Visits Gary Job Corps Center

Doug Agnew, Principal of Live Oak Academy Hays CISD visited the Gary Job Corps Center (GJCC) on Wednesday. Mr. Agnew toured the center to see how a partnership with GJCC could help his students move into the workforce with a trade certification.

Mr. Agnew visited  with the Corrections, HVAC, and Pharmacy Tech. trades.

Pictured is Doug Agnew, HVAC Instructor Steve Gonzales, and OA/CTS Director Christopher Roff speaking about how HVAC is going above and beyond teaching the required skills.

Mr. Gonzales spoke about implementing new trainings in residential, commercial, and even about working on a soda machine that will have the students qualifying for a higher paying career.

HVAC student Bryan Heffley is pictured fixing a broken AC unit.


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