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CAPCOG Receives National Award For Economic Impact, Local Response To The 2015 Memorial Day Disaster Report

The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) awarded CAPCOG the Aliceann Wohlbruck Innovation Award for its Disaster Resiliency & Recovery in the Texas Capital Area, The Economic Impact and Local Response to the 2015 Memorial Day Disaster Event report.

The report collected damage assessments from the flood in Wimberley and Hays County to quantify the disaster’s economic impact; it also estimated how such a flood would affect other areas in the region to plan for future resiliency projects.

“It is great to be recognized for the work we are doing to make the region more resilient,” said Chris Schreck, CAPCOG Regional Planning and Services director. “This reflects the quality of CAPCOG’s economic resiliency efforts throughout the region in not only its analytical reporting but in helping communities identify projects and apply for economic recovery funds.”

Since the report was completed, CAPCOG has dedicated more resources to providing technical and analytical assistance for projects that mitigate economic damages from Hurricane Harvey and the 2018 Hill Country floods.

It’s also helping communities determine what future infrastructure projects could prevent or limit economic disruption caused by businesses closing during and after disasters. This work has been funded by the U.S. Economic Development Agency.

“The Aliceann Wohlbruck Innovation Award demonstrates the value of regional development organizations and highlights their critical role in promoting economic development,” said Doug Elliott, the 2017-2018 NADO president and East Central Iowa Council of Governments executive director.

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