City Council postpones supporting a resolution to combat hate and extremism until after “Biden Bus” lawsuit concludes

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS – During a meeting on Tuesday, November 16, the San Marcos City Council voted to postpone voting to support a resolution to combat hate, extremism, and bigotry in the city. The council discussed the resolution due to antisemitic flyers recently found in San Marcos neighborhoods and a Texas State University student arrested last week for starting a fire at an Austin Synagogue

The resolution was adopted from the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Compact to combat hate, extremism and bigotry and “affirms San Marcos is a welcoming city that respects the innate dignity of all people.”

Councilmember Alyssa Garza made a motion to postpone the resolution until after the “Biden Bus” lawsuit against the City of San Marcos and members of the San Marcos Police Department concludes.

Councilmember Maxfield Baker said that people are calling the resolution “empty and theatrical” because they didn’t see action taken after the resolution was originally declared in 2017.

The resolution was initially adopted in 2017 after Naomi Narvaiz, a San Marcos City Council Ethics Commissioner, posted several controversial tweets, such as neo-Nazi content from an organization called Patriot Front.

“Substantively, I’m curious why you would want to pass something so empty like this that you haven’t seemed to take any action on,” Baker said.

Baker went on to express how he thought the council should take more action to ensure that there are no “extremists entering the police force.” 

“Given the recent [Biden Bus] situation as it stands, we know that there are potentially extremists in our own police force that would support and say things like libtard, or say things like, you know that they were patriots and things like that,” said Baker.

Mayor Jane Hughson responded, “Is this really something you are concerned about or is this just beat up on the mayor day?”

Councilmember Garza supported postponing the resolution until the outcome of the federal lawsuit alleging that the City of San Marcos violated the Klu Klux Klan act.

“It’s 2021 and people are exhausted and disillusioned by the government, and performative actions cannot replace critical conversations that need to happen in a community,” said Garza.

Councilmember Shane Scott thought that passing the resolution was a “no brainer” but “kind of redundant” for council.

“Just because you’re saying, you know, you’re not going to tolerate extremism or bigotry doesn’t mean other people are going to fall in line as well,” said Scott.

Councilmembers voted 5-1 to postpone the resolution until after the “Biden Bus incident” is settled, with Councilmember Mark Gleason voting against postponment.

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One Comment

  1. A “right” to persecute those who utter ‘hateful’ words about another’s conduct ?
    The Baptists are hated by many for political reasons, yet hold no special rights.
    Same goes for the Catholics, Jehovahs Witnesses and the Church of Scientology.
    None of them pass laws that make us evil for exercising our own right to think.

    But let’s not give the “Extremists” the benefit of law.
    Let’s cut a great big road through the law to get after the “Extremists”
    Let’s cut down every law in America to do that.
    And, when the last law is finally cut down, and the Real Enemy turns around
    and faces you (you know–the One who uses “Extremism” as an excuse to cut
    down all the laws)?–?where would you hide then, the laws now being flat??This nation is
    planted thick with laws from coast to coast?–?man’s laws, not God’s?–?and, if you cut down
    the laws which protect EVERYONE?–and you “Extremist Hunters” are just the ones to do it?–?
    do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then??
    Indeed, you should give the “Extremists” the protection of law, for your own safety’s sake.
    Lest tomorrow find the Extremist is now YOU.

    —–with apologies to author Robert Bolt, “A Man For All Seasons”.

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