Gary Job Corps Now Under Third Private Management Company Within The Last Year

San Marcos, Texas – Adams and Associates (Adams) has stepped into its role as new operator for the Gary Job Corps Center (Gary JCC) in San Marcos.

Adams, which is based in Reno, NV, assumed operations for Gary JCC on April 1.

Gary JCC is the largest Job Corps Center in the country and serves 1,471 students from across the state. Gary JCC provides vocational training in 18 trades covering construction, healthcare, security, financial services and distribution operations. It offers high school diploma programs and a high school equivalency program and college certification programs through Austin Community College.

Gary JCC students are active members of the San Marcos community and provide community services to various organizations such as the Salvation Army, San Marcos Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and United Way San Antonio & Bexar County.

Executive Center Director Lorraine Lane manages operations at Gary JCC. Lane, formerly Adams Regional Executive Director, has worked within the Job Corps program for 27 years and served as Center Director for five Adams’ operated Centers. She works closely with Adams President Susan Larson to provide oversight for the 880-acre Center.

“Adams is eager to provide Gary Job Corps Center students with the education and training they need to succeed in the 21st century workforce,” Larson said.

Job Corps is a free, federal program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. In addition to training, students receive housing, support services and job placement assistance.

Gary JCC recruits students, 16-24 years, from San Marcos, San Antonio, Houston, Austin and across Central Texas. Applicants must meet certain income requirements.

Adams is a 100% employee-owned company that is singularly committed to the Job Corps program and its students. The company began as a small business formed in 1990 with the sole mission of operating at-risk youth and children’s programs for local, state and federal governmental agencies. Today, Adams is one of the largest private sector entities involved in the federal Job Corps program.

Adams employs over 2,700 staff members at 18 locations, including 16 Job Corps sites across the country, providing academic, vocational training and placement services to approximately 9,000 young people from ages 16 to 24.

In addition to Reno, the company has offices in Columbia, MD and Worcester, MA to provide corporate support and expertise to its Job Corps campuses.

For more information about Gary JCC, please contact Randolph Goodman at For more information about Adams, please visit


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  1. They are trash just like the other two contractors that ran Gary JCC. It is a shame that they make money off of the poor young people.

  2. Sadly, Staff and students had high expectations for Adam’s & Associates, which have fallen short right out of the box. Major pay cuts to staff, as well as staff cuts in general have created an exodus of people quitting. There is an extremely uncomfortable feeling on campus and instead of addressing staff and working with them, they have a take it or leave it attitude. Most staff is buying time to find other work, myself included. I really wanted this to work for the students sake and truly hope Adam’s & Associates get it right.

    1. Too bad…they had a chance to make a difference, but to do that means foregoing profits.

  3. It’s very interesting how the coverage and interest in the operations, the activities related to staff and students at Gary Job Corps have literally fallen from any media’s radar. The San Marcos Daily Record, since changing editorial leadership, and since Gary Job Corps changed Business Community Liaison personnel, hasn’t really run many articles at all about Gary.

    I am not convinced that the news outlet personnel changes, and the Gary staffing made the crime rate, the recidivism rate, the level of corrupt activities related to graduations, assaults, etc., suddenly drop. This is not to indict San Marcos Daily Record…it is to highlight that Gary JCC, as a big facility and employer in San Marcos/ Hays Co., is not running on autopilot, yet most in our communities have ZERO clue what goes on there, good or bad. No one cares! The media holds the information pipeline in their hands.

    But for a staffer to do the right thing – no, that is punishable by threats of termination, or actual dismissal because of whistleblowing, and trying to get departments to comply with the law. Stay tuned, folks. Gary likely isn’t going away, and your tax monies are still being misused.

  4. The Gary Job Corp did not go bad, it was made bad by policy.
    Dr. Shea is correct in saying an outfit like this needs constant media scrutiny.
    Yet because its policy does not succeed, it rightfully shuns the media.
    Success in motion tends to stay in motion supported by media, but this outfit’s had nothing but ‘candy coat’ stories for the last twenty years (hush..!)

    1. This is so accurately stated: “Candy Coated” news stories for years. Every week there was a do-good story , pushed out by Gary/Former Managerial Company PR, and glam shots published in the local newspaper. From those blurbs the community was supposed to know all the good Gary does for the world. Meantime, the stories of assaults, rapes, thefts at Walmart, car B&E’s, and the drug activity – crickets…no one ever heard about that. Yet the GAO and the OIG of the Department of Labor have been producing reports of insufficiencies regarding Job Corps as a whole, and about specific centers across the nation, for over 15-20 years, some centers of which were managed by the very company that recently lost the Gary contract, held for 18 plus years.

      The information about operational deficiencies is NOT new! But you will not hear about it unless you dig, and even at that, the OIG and DOL only produce “suggestions” for the Job Corps centers to follow – there never is any punitive actions taken. Status quo, and here we are in 2020, not a damn thing different.

      I cannot be persuaded to believe all other Job Corps Centers are the only ones with past and current issues, except Gary Job Corps Center. But since it was the first one, and is the largest, it is the flagship of the boondoggle program, correctly referred to as a fundamental policy failure program, not an inherited poor design. It has been someone’s policy to never say bad about Gary, or to even print the truth! If truth were printed, I venture to guess it would not be good.

      I know nothing about the current managerial company of Gary JCC, except from media stories of their operations and failures in other Centers in other states (Homestead, FL). I maintain that the media needs to be investigative and really look at the “big picture” of the particular operations, look at the overall mismanagement of the Job Corps program, connect the dots of past reports and failures to act, and let the public know this is going on in their backyard. Let us know! We need to know!!!

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