Hays County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Former Hays County Party Leader For Aggravated Sexual Assault Of Child

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On April 3, the Hays County Sheriff’s Office arrested a former Hays County Republican Party leader for Aggravated Assault of a child.

Bo Michael Dresner, 40, was taken into custody and booked in Hays County Jail, Wednesday, with a bond of $250,000.

According to the Hays County Jail Records, Dresner had not been released as of 7 PM Friday, April 5.

Russell Hayter, Chairman of Hays County GOP, said Dresner was the former chairman of Precinct 336, but he had resigned recently for “no specific reason.”

As of April 5, the GOP’s website no longer lists a chairman for Precinct 336.

According to the case’s affidavit, the warrant was called by a Hays County Office detective who believed Dresner had “intentionally or knowingly” touched a victim under of the age of 14 inappropriately at the time of the offense.

The affidavit stated a sergeant received a referral regarding the victim, who had contacted an out-of-state family member and informed them the suspect “is doing it again and is using drugs and manipulation to do it”; the family member said there had been previous sexual abuse reports involving the same victim from 2012.

The referral was received on March 26, and the Hays County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation. The state penal code states the minimum term of imprisonment for aggravated sexual assault of a child under the age of 14 is 25.


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