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It’s official: Shanks wins SMCISD Trustee position

The official results of the May 7 Uniform Election have been released!

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

HAYS COUNTY — The May 2022 Uniform Election wrapped up on May 7, and the official results have been released. Citizens of Hays County had the opportunity to vote on multiple state propositions and local school board positions. Only 9.88% of registered voters in the county showed up to the polls.

In the race for San Marcos CISD Trustee, District 4, Brian Shanks won by just 14 votes.

Shank’s opponent in the SMCISD Trustee election, Gabrielle Moore, said that running for the position was a rewarding experience and thanked the San Marcos Community.

“I congratulate Mr. Shanks on his election as a San Marcos CISD Trustee. This is a challenging time as our schools emerge from an exceptionally trying two years, marked by the pandemic’s interruption of in-person learning. There has never been a greater need for the members of the Board to work together to guide our schools in the pursuit of excellence,” said Moore. “The almost even split in the District 4 vote makes it clear that there is a diversity of ideas in how to do that—which can enrich the deliberations of the Board moving forward. We have a good school board and I am confident in its ability to chart a course that will support the students, the teachers, the SMCISD, and everyone it serves.”

According to the official results, Bryan Severance has secured the Hays CISD Single-Member District 4 position with over 57% of the vote. The Hays CISD Single-Member District 5 position was won by Esperanza Orosco with over 64% of the vote. 

The Hays CISD proposition to issue $155,649,800 in school building bonds for the construction and renovation of school buildings in the district and purchase of new school buses passed by just 51.34%.

Those registered to vote also had the opportunity to cast their ballot for two proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution relating to property taxes, which both passed with a significant majority of the vote. 

Olivia Barnard and Tricia Quintero have been elected to three-year terms on the Dripping Springs ISD Board of Trustees, according to official election results. DSISD trustees do not represent places; the two candidates who receive the most votes are elected. Barnard received 25.64% of the vote and Quintero received 25.63% of the vote. 

Below you will find the official results for the May 7, 2022, Uniform Election that were released on May 13.

5-7 Uniform Cumulative Results (official)


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  1. Great! The last thing we needed on the school board was a new urbanist socialist privileged realtor.

  2. Hey Gabrielle, your yard signs are still up EVERYWHERE. Are you leaving them up to put a sticker on them for the next city council race? Can you follow the SAME rules everyone else does? AS in take the signs down on election night or within the next day or so. You have ten days by law. Tick Tock. They are as much as an eye sore as those cones all over Hunter Road.

  3. “The last thing we needed on the school board was a new urbanist socialist privileged realtor” who (just happened) to be from Austin and who (just happened) to be telling us she how she was “not going to ban books” such as Heather Has Two Mommies or Tommy And His Drag Queen Daddy Go Camping.
    You go girl (away) and Hooray !

    I hear the local “Mermaid Society” is livid now that Moore won’t be grooming our young ones . . .

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