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Kyle Announces Events To Celebrate Of Black History Month

KYLE, TEXAS – In honor of Black History Month, the City of Kyle will be hosting a series of events and programs to recognize and reflect on the central role of African Americans in the U.S. and locally.

Dialogue for Peace and Progress – Black History Month 2021

The first event will be the Dialogue for Peace & Progress — Black History Month 2021 on Friday, Feb. 5 at 7 PM at City Hall.

The Dialogues for Peace & Progress is an event series that works to join community members and leaders for open and honest conversations to raise awareness and, if necessary, facilitate change in the City of Kyle.

Kyle City Council Member Dex Ellison will be moderating the panel for the second Dialogue for Peace and Progress and said the purpose of the event is to start an open conversation about issues that are seldom talked about publicly.

“This panel is meant to work as a platform for community members and local leaders to have an honest conversation about the various issues impacting the community — through the lens of people that we typically don’t get to hear from right in our community and surrounding areas, while in concert with recognizing important holidays or significant and nationally recognized historical events,” Ellison said. “Through an open dialogue, we are often able to educate ourselves while broadening the minds of others. I hope that people all over the city and area tune in with their families, and then feel encouraged to then have further discussions within their homes, amongst neighbors, churches, community organizations, officials, law enforcement, and so on.”

A group of panelists from a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds have been recruited to speak during the discussion, including Aaron Taylor; Adrian Gooden; Derrick “David” Bryant; Grace Bohannon Castañeda; Jonnie Wilson, M.A., NCC, LPC Associate; Mayor Travis Mitchell; Richard Dixon; and Vanessa Westbrook.

The event will be held in-person at Kyle City Hall, 110 W. Center St., but other options for participation are encouraged including streaming the panel online through Spectrum 10, the City’s YouTube channel or the City of Kyle Facebook Page.

All in-person attendees are asked to practice State and Local Orders regarding social distancing and using face coverings when out in public or interacting with those outside of their household.

For more information, go to https://www.cityofkyle.com/council/dialogue-peace-and-progress-black-history-month-2021.

Black History Month Proclamation

The Kyle City Council will read a proclamation during their regular meeting Tuesday, Feb. 2 proclaiming the Month of February as Black History Month.

This meeting will start at 7 PM and will be a hybrid. Residents can attend in-person at City Hall, 100 W. Center St., as well as virtually at the City’s YouTube channel or Spectrum 10.

Kyle Public Library Black History Month Book Display

The Kyle Public Library staff along with the Founder and President of Kyle Cultural Awareness Laura McMahon have picked book titles for a book display celebrating Black History Month. Residents are welcome to stop by and check it out for the entire month.

The Library building and window service on Scott Street is open Monday through Thursday from 11 AM to 7 PM, Friday from 11 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Reserve items by emailing circulation@cityofkyle.com, calling 512-268-7411 or texting 512-675-2442. For more information, go to www.cityofkyle.com/library.

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