Local Tree Care Company Donates Service For Memorial Tree

The Tree of Honor stands in memorial of notable community members who have passed away.

Heritage Tree Care, a local tree care service company, has donated $2,500 of in-kind tree care services for the Tree of Honor located in Veramendi Plaza.

The River Walk Committee of the Heritage Association of San Marcos helps to care and maintain the Plaza. The group selected the Tree of Honor in the Plaza to receive the donated services to ensure that the memorial tree’s health is well maintained in respect of those it honors.

One of the services Heritage Tree Care provided for the Tree of Honor is soil aeration. Soil aeration involves a specialized tool used in the tree care industry called an airspade that “tills” the soil with air without damaging the tree’s roots or hardscape.

A layer of compost, some beneficial fungi called “mycorrhiza,” and a special fertilizer are applied on the aerated soil and mixed back into the soil. Then a 3-4 inch layer of mulch is applied over the surface of the treated area and gently watered.

This treatment improves the soil conditions for the tree’s roots, enhancing its health and ability to absorb moisture and nutrients.

This soil treatment combats many problems urban trees experience, such as soil compaction, lack of organic matter or construction damage.

The company also removed dead limbs from the tree’s canopy, which promotes overall tree health.

The River Walk Committee hosts two commemorative events annually, the Arbor Day Tree and the Tree of Honor, to help keep the history and its people alive and in our thoughts.

The Tree of Honor stands in memorial of notable community members who have passed away.

If you would like additional information on tree care or to find a local tree care professional, please visit www.treesaregood.org or www.isatexas.com and click on Find An Arborist.

For more information Please contact Kelly Eby, at 512.393.8486 or keby@sanmarcostx.gov.


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