San Marcos City Council to discuss lobbyists, appeal of termination by SMPD Sergeant Hartman

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS — The San Marcos City Council will meet on Tuesday, February 15 at 6 p.m. to discuss many agenda items including requiring registration of lobbyists, a Planning and Zoning Commission ordinance requirement, and appoint an attorney to represent the City of San Marcos in an appeal filed by Sergeant Ryan Hartman regarding his termination from the San Marcos Police Department. 

City Council will consider approval of requiring registration of lobbyists and periodic reporting of contact made by lobbyists with elected City officials, City Board and Commission members, and City Employees.The council will discuss establishing penalties for violations of this ordinance, and provide exemptions from lobbying registration and reporting requirements. 

Council will also discuss the current ordinance requirement of a needed supermajority council vote to overturn a Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation of denial and provide direction to the City Manager.

The City Council will also approve the appointment of attorney Julia Gannaway to represent the City of San Marcos in the appeal filed by Sergeant Ryan Hartman. 

Hartman has been suspended indefinitely in January by SMPD Chief Stan Standridge due to “sustained misconduct related to dereliction of duty and insubordination.”

According to the City Council agenda, Hartman filed an appeal requesting an arbitrator to set aside his indefinite suspension and reinstate him, with back pay and benefits, to employment in the San Marcos Police Department.

Council will consider accepting a grant for the San Marcos Public Library from the St. David’s Foundation’s Libraries for Health Initiative Grant to support the community’s mental wellness and health. The grant funding would be totaling $120,000 over three years, with $40,000 being awarded annually.

Council members will also authorize the installation of speed cushions in both directions from Old Ranch Road 12 and Bishop Street on Franklin Drive.

Discussion will be held by council relating to potential projects being presented to the Council by anyone wanting to build or start a business in San Marcos and provide direction to the City Manager.

In a work session at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15, council members will review the final draft of the city’s Art’s Master Plan.

“The Arts Master Plan will be our guiding document as we set priorities for City arts projects,” said Arts Coordinator Trey Hatt. “We also hope community arts organizations will be able to use the Master Plan as they direct their future activities and programming.”

Consultants with Keen Independent Research, the firm employed to research and draft the master plan, will outline their findings and recommendations during a presentation to the City Council. The plan updates the existing master plan adopted in 2012.

Creating the new master plan required extensive public participation and key stakeholder engagement, including phone and email interviews in May and June 2021; online surveys open for over five weeks in May and June 2021; and an in-person open house in July 2021. Local arts and culture organizations and area artists, as well as the Mayor, City Council, and Arts Commission members, were invited to provide individual stakeholder interviews during this process.

To view the City Council meeting or work session online, visit or watch on Grande channel 16 or Spectrum channel 10. 

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