San Marcos P&Z Approves CUP For Gumby’s Pizza

By, Terra Rivers | Managing Editor

The San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit Tuesday night for Gumby’s Pizza.

Commissioners voted 8-0 to approve the request with Commissioner Mike Dillon recusing himself due to being within the notification area.

Before the vote, Commissioners held a public hearing to receive citizen feed regarding Gumby’s Pizza request for CUP for the sale of mixed beverages.

The pizzeria received support from its neighbors to allow the business to sell mixed-beverages with only one person speaking against the request.

During the public comments, former Mayor John Thomaides said in 2017, he hadn’t known the owners of Gumby’s Pizza; however, he had known what they did for the community by supporting local organizations.

“I think what was said, as I look back to my notes from February 2017, was outrageous,” Thomaides said. “The City Council put this company at a competitive disadvantage with all of its competitors. If we are for small business, you have to vote yes.”

Kathryn Dillon, co-owner of Crystal River Inn, submitted a letter of support to the city and spoke in favor of the CUP’s approval Tuesday night.

Dillon said she was grateful for all of the support she received two years ago in fighting Gumby’s CUP; she and neighbors had feared the noise, music and other “late-night racket” they were certain at the time was going to happen.

“We had very little reason not to be afraid of that,” Dillon said, “Because we had just lived through however many years with a similar circumstance with Zelick’s on the other side of us.”

Dillon said she supports the request this time; Gumby’s has been great neighbors, and in the last two years, they had never experienced a problem with the restaurant.

“The whole idea of bars creeping ever closer to single-family neighborhoods, which is all of our historic residential districts, that’s a big deal,” Dillon said. “But I support what these guys are doing.”

Commissioners approved the CUP with the following conditions:

  1. The permit shall be valid for one (1) year, provided standards are met;
  2. The permit shall be posted in the same area and manner as the Certificate of Occupancy;
  3. Live music shall not be allowed outdoors or in any unconditioned areas; and
  4. The applicant shall not apply for a Late Hours TABC permit.

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