Texas To Fully End Taxpayer Funding Of Planned Parenthood By Feb. 3

By Bethany Blankley | The Center Square

Beginning Feb. 3, Texas Planned Parenthood facilities will no longer be allowed to receive Medicaid funds, according to a letter sent from the state’s Health and Human Services Commission.

After years of lengthy court battles, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the state of Texas in November, which sought to ban taxpayer funding of the abortion provider after videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress alleging the group was engaged in the sale or donation of aborted baby parts.

The testimony in the video, Paxton said, amounted to “morally bankrupt and unlawful conduct” and that Planned Parenthood was not a “‘qualified’ provider.”

The state was sued, and a lower court blocked the state from removing Planned Parenthood from Medicaid funding in 2017.

Texas appealed and won. The state gave Planned Parenthood 30 days notice and rejected its request to continue using Medicaid dollars.

According to Texas Right to Life, “Medicaid providers in Texas are required to follow Texas Medicaid policies and federal and state law. The Texas Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found Planned Parenthood violated federal regulations by altering abortion procedures to harvest baby body parts. Thus, the OIG terminated Planned Parenthood’s provider contract.”

Planned Parenthood provides services to roughly 8,000 Medicaid patients in Texas, the Texas Tribune reports.

“The people who rely on Medicaid are the most vulnerable Texans and likely experiencing some of the worst economic effects of the pandemic,” Jeffrey Hons, president of Planned Parenthood South Texas, said. “Forcing people – many of whom are struggling to make ends meet and care for their families in a global pandemic – to scramble for basic health care is terrible policy, certainly uncharitable, indeed un-American.”

In 2019, the Texas Legislature also passed a law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott, that prohibits government agencies from contracting with groups that provide or promote abortions.

Attorney General Ken Paxton explained that the law “prohibits the State Employee Charitable Campaign and its Policy Committee from entering into a taxpayer resource transaction with an abortion provider or an affiliate of an abortion provider.” He said the program “constitutes a taxpayer resource transaction.”

Nationally, according to its most recent annual report, Planned Parenthood received $616.8 million in federal funding, of which roughly 90 percent came from Medicaid.

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    1. Fortunately, no Texas facilities do this because a abortion procedure is not the act of “killing babies”, but rather the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus.

      1. So if someone “ends” your own life, they’re not “killing” anything ?

        Woah. Spoken like a true butcher. You go, girl !!!

        Sylvia P.

      2. I guess you haven’t had a biology class or seen videos of sonograms of the “embryo” or “fetus” inside the mother’s womb with eyes, fingers, toes, and a beating heart. Somehow it gives you more confidence to kill an unborn “child” if you give it a different name. So sad.

  1. Thank you Gov Abbott and Texas for
    standing in the gap for our future Texans!
    BTW, stand firm on border.
    Please understand the strategy of things
    at hand. Thank you for bringing our National Guard home. I hope I am wrong
    but all of this executive orders should met
    with silence. Be the Gov you are. They want
    a big reaction and whatever. Just ignore
    and keep Texas,Texas. If the borders wide
    open no one safe. Thank you again,
    so grateful for you Gov Abbott

    1. This article is about the defunding of Planned Parenthood, yet you are here talking about TX borders and how our governor should “just ignore and keep Texas, Texas”. Are you suggesting that as a state we should ignore those in need of medical aid? Just as a reminder, “spontaneous abortions” aka miscarriages occur in approximately 30% to 40% of pregnancies. This could easily be a family member or friend of yours.

      1. The safety of the border patrol is only BECAUSE OF THE KIDS!!! They come to another country with no relatives, ALONE! Which means it’s easier for anyone to take them and who knows have you heard of “sex trafficking” “human trafficking “ GENIOUS!

    2. these CLOWNS NEED TO BE OUT OF OFFICE their Exclusion ban of Abortions shows no mercy–and thier NEGLEGENCE to CLARIFY and make exceptions -in ER situations with reports attached from Hospitals — Both of together show are incompetent and reckless —– I Want to see if MEDICARE IS PAYING FOR THEM TO HAVE TESTOSTRONE INJ—- and WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR ALL THE TESTOSTRONE INJ FOR THESE TYPE OF MEN?

  2. Congratulations and God Bless Texas. I wish you could teach me what I need to know to get this done in Missouri!! Very proud of your work and the example that you have set.

    1. Hi Ruth, it’s great to see inspiration ignite to action but I do hope you further your research into the benefits of abortion and sexual education within your community. A great starting point to look into would be the quality of life and poverty levels of the children that come from forced births.

    1. Safe and affordable abortion procedures are what “save babies”. There are millions of orphans of all ages currently in need of a good home and family. I think we should first ask ourselves how we got to this point and want can we do to address this issue? A common answer you may find is that organizations like Planned Parenthood are working to make this change.

      1. Abortions “save babies.” — How many of those babies would gladly “endure” the foster/adoption systems for a chance at life?

        … I cannot believe I just read that. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. But your comment still leaves me shocked and pissed.

      2. There wouldn’t be as many orphans in the foster/adoption industry if the money funding abortions was put towards said industries. For all children that were adopted into loving homes, how would they feel if someone told them they shouldn’t have been born because there was a chance their life would be a struggle.

      3. You dont want a baby? Dont sleep around and have unprotected sex.
        You CHOOSE to have sex with just anyone. You CHOOSE not to use birth control because its inconvenient. You CHOOSE TO MURDER THE LIFE YOU HAVE CREATED OUT OF YOUR SELFISHNESS.

        3 strikes, you SHOULD BE OUT. Murders go to prison, or death penalty.

        1. Exactly abortion is murder. Personally I do not want to stand before God and be guilty by association paying for the slaughter of his children.

    1. Safe and affordable abortion procedures are what “save babies”. There are millions of orphans of all ages currently in need of a good home and family. I think we should first ask ourselves how we got to this point and want can we do to address this issue? A common answer you may find is that organizations like Planned Parenthood are working to make this change.

  3. This will be overturned by scotus with the help of an actually rational and thoughtful president. Suck it! Texas talibani aholes.

    1. Ouch. Angry girl. Anyone besides me, notice how angry and nasty the Left is? Could not have a sane, rational, kind word if they were paid!

  4. To the Cooridor News and specifically Bethany Blankley, Planned Parenthood is much more than a “abortion provider”. I understand that the subject matter of this article revolves around abortion services but to present this organization as just that could be considered biased as you are suppressing information from your audience. Although I do not condone the breaking and bending of rules, I do think we should keep in mind that stem cells from these aborted fetuses and embryos are part of the COVID relief plan ie, vaccinations. Why do we go into the extremes of defunding helpful organizations such as these? I would also like to point out that this article ends with a back the blue banner no too far under it. Clearly this “news outlet” is only here to broadcast biased privileged opinions rather than thought provoking articles.

    1. Wow. “Samantha”, you managed to hit 3 ‘narrative talking points’. Good job, robot.
      Yes PP IS much more than an abortion provider. Its heavily vested in selling blackmarket baby parts of murdered BABIES.
      COVID relief plan…. its the FLU! Theres a new name every few years. If you were snart enough to research, youd see that there were FEWER deaths in the US in 2020 than the previous 10 YEARS.
      Priveleged Opinions? Man. You’ve got your Liberal talking points all lined up. Good job. Thought-provoking? You are incapable of independent thought. Embarrassing.

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  6. “….from these aborted fetuses and embryos are part of the COVID relief plan ie, vaccinations”

    And, perhaps this is just one of the reasons why some people will never take the vaccination

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