San Marcos Partners With Chamber To Launch Relief Program For Businesses

San Marcos, Texas – The City of San Marcos and the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce are collaborating to help provide financial relief to local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

The program, named Revive SMTX, will provide local businesses with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

Applicants will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 per business. The funds can be used for operational safety, sanitation training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and digital redesign for social distancing.

Expenses for each of these items might include:

Operational Safety: redesign physical space in order to ensure safety and social distancing

  • Plexiglass dividers
  • Restructuring of seating
  • Improved air filtration systems

Sanitation Training and PPE: learn best practices for cleaning options, techniques, technology, products and services and appropriate PPE for businesses to ensure customer safety and social distancing

  • PPE
  • Cleaning and sanitation products
  • Staff training on best practices

Digital Redesign for Social Distancing:

  • Set up and implement e-commerce
  • Contactless payment
  • Online ordering
  • Online reservation of services

The money can also be used as a reimbursement for any of the above items purchased at the beginning of the pandemic.

“We are excited about this opportunity to provide our local businesses with this money,” said San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce President Jason Mock. “We hope the funds will provide some relief to the hard-working small business owners who help make this town unique and a place where we all love to live.”

The business must be located within the city limits of San Marcos, operate with less than 50 full-time employees and 51 percent of the business’ employees must make less than $26.30 per hour.

For more information regarding the program, please visit

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