In Our Opinion… Local Resident Asks “Why The City Gives Money To An Organization Actively Attacking Local Law Enforcement.”


By Melissa Jewett, Publisher

On Monday, I received a private message on Facebook, which included several photographs as well.

The message was simple, a local resident pondering a question, “I’d love to know why the city gives money to an organization actively attacking local law enforcement.”

After reviewing the photographs, I was speechless, and I had the same questions myself. It is not the first verbal attack on an individual including local county or city officials. Yet it continues to receive support from local city and county officials.

Social media has become a place where people talk about their life, families, careers, beliefs in religion and of course politics.

These days sharing anything on Facebook and Twitter has become a dangerous endeavor; while people may open a discussion or simply share something that matters or means something to them, they do so at the risk of getting a #socialbeatdown by those of differing opinions.

Instead of an open forum where people can share ideas and opinions with others and keep in touch with friends, social media has become a battleground where reputations are slandered or all-out destroyed and friendships are broken over minor differences of opinions.

So many have shared their feelings, thoughts and prayers on social media on the recent and horrific shootings that happened in both El Paso and Ohio.

San Marcos Police Chief, Chase Stapp, shared his thoughts and feelings as well and while doing so, a local activist group decided to jump on him for something they didn’t like, making it political as this local organization continually divides and bullies our community.

Stapp wrote on his personal Facebook profile that he had a really bad day, but not nearly as bad as the people of El Paso.

He wrote, “My prayers are lifted for the people of El Paso. I don’t complain much, but I had a really crappy day. In comparison to what the residents of El Paso are dealing with, I feel I’ve won the lottery. This evil has to stop. And I’m having trouble understanding how the current push for leniency towards criminals will help.”

I find it reassuring that the man who has been charged with protecting this community had a bad day. It shows me he is human just like the rest of us.

I also thought “yep, maybe the rest of us hit the lottery today as well. I am so very blessed, and yes, this is evil at its finest.”

However, when I read his words, “And I’m having trouble understanding how the current push for leniency towards criminals will help.” I thanked the Lord for giving our police chief the ability to think through things that are so very important to our community.

To have a police chief who thinks through such things and weighs them out is good for the entire community.

No matter your political leanings and belief’s you would think it would be common sense to be grateful knowing this man has the ability to stop and think on how different situations will affect his community, his city, and the department he has been charged to run.

As for the question I received, I don’t have an answer for anyone; I can only provide the documentation and allow everyone else to make up their own mind.

The following pictures include a screenshot of the above-mentioned posts published shortly after Chief Stapp’s by the local non-profit organization.







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  1. Re your editorial:

    “I’d love to know why the city gives money to an organization actively attacking local law enforcement.”

    Gosh, are you referring to Mano Amiga ?

    1. It’s not like the City of San Marcos ever said the San Marcos Police Department will not enter into a voluntary agreement with ICE. and that the City will not consent to allow Chief Stapp to use police personnel for purposes of protecting us against illegal aliens. And it’s not like Mano Amiga was a driving force in flipping the City’s initial position for acting against this criminal invasion.

    2. It’s not like the United States has become a killing field for American citizens of all colors who are being slaughtered on a daily basis by criminal aliens roaming our state and nation, by and through the help and assistance of Mano Amiga.

    3. It’s not like Chief Stapp in his own way is deeply concerned how this unchecked criminal migration affects the safety of our city, state and nation. And it’s not like I personally witnessed Mano Amiga yesterday at the courthouse downtown imploring the crowd to rise up against the “white supremists who are out to murder all brown people”.

    Or, on second thought, maybe it is.

  2. Thank you for writing this and exposing these truth about not only these organizations but about the tax dollars that are being funneled to organizations such as Mano Amiga who fuel hate and intimidation in our community and to those of us who support the rule of law, and are now calling for anarchy by trying to shame our Police Chief and rising up against our law enforcement when they are serving and protecting our community

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